Upgrade path for runner

Although the documentation says (from Upgrading GitLab | GitLab) "it is very important to upgrade GitLab Runner to match the GitLab minor version that was upgraded to. ", our setup has worked fine with runners not being upgraded and getting further and further behind (we have several servers with several different versions of gitlab-runner). Now I want to upgrade our runners, and while 'apt install gitlab-runner=` seems to work fine, and also allows be to skip some (minor) versions, is there any documentation listing some points I should be sure to to through (like there’s an upgrade path for GitLab)? Or can I just select some versions to go through? (I have a feeling that it would fail on some of our servers if I just tried going from the old version they have to 15.1).

The only real reason Gitlab CE or EE has an upgrade path is because of the database migrations. A gitlab runner doesn’t have this. It relies only really on the config.toml file.

The only potential issue I can see is if old config files have some kind of deprecated entries, but the file seems to be rather simplistic I’m not even sure that would be the case.

I though so, that’s also why I just went ahead and learned that I could skip (minor) versions. But when I did that I started to wonder, and as I don’t want to do it during office hours (so I don’t disturb any colleagues using the runners), I thought I could just as well use the time to check that I was right in thinking that I could basically just select the versions I want, or go straight to 15.1 - I think I would want to try out skipping over major versions on some test servers first).

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