Upgrade path is changing in GitLab docs

The other week when I upgraded my GitLab CE instance of version 13.9.1, the GitLab docs said this was the upgrade path: 13.8.8 → 13.12.15 → 14.0.12 → 14.9.0 → 14.9.5

So that’s what I did. I did have to wait for background migrations to complete at 14.0.12 and at 14.9.0. My ultimate stopping version was at 14.9.2 so I waited also at 14.9.0.

But now, the GitLab docs say this is the GitLab upgrade path: 13.8.8 → 13.12.15 → 14.0.12 → 14.3.6 → 14.9.0 → 14.9.5

Now I’m wondering if I should revert to my snapshot before my upgrade and start again. After the upgrade, I did do a gitlab-rake gitlab:check just to do a check. Seems like everything is ok but I’m still wondering.

I’ve read here that it is suggested to do even finer or smaller upgrade steps through GitLab version 14.

Anyone have any suggestions ?


I think if your upgrade worked and everything is working fine, I see no reason to revert to your backup/snapshot before you started upgrading. One other command you can check:

gitlab-rake db:migrate:status

to make sure all the db migrations have all worked fine.

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Thanks Iwalker - that’s a great idea.