Gitlab-ce 14.7.3 to 14.10.2

I’m planning an upgrade path for an instance of gitlab-ce that I’ll be helping maintain in my new job (I just started a new sysadmin position a few weeks ago). I researched this afternoon and put together the upgrade path below based on the upgrade docs and notes/link provided on the GitLab Documentation web site. Is the upgrade path below acceptable?

Current Version: 14.7.3
Target Version: 14.10.2
Upgrade path and side notes:

  • Upgrade to 14.8.Z (the latest version of 14.8)

    • Disable Kubernetes Agent - We don’t use Kubernetes and have < 1000 users/don’t run GitLab at scale according to Reference Architectures
  • Upgrade to 14.9.Z (the latest version of 14.9)

    • Wait for batched migrations to finish before proceeding to the next upgrade
  • Upgrade to 14.10.X (currently 14.10.2)

Thanks for your input!

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I don’t remember if there were any batched migrations in the upgrades to 14.8 or 14.10, but that step (that you have only listed for the upgrade to 14.9) is always a good idea. If there are no migrations, it will be an easy+quick wait.

The release of GitLab 15 is planned for sunday, depending on when you plan to do this maybe you should add that to your plans.



Hi @SwampFox843 ,

That looks like a good plan and upgrade path! I think you’re set for success.

Let us know how it goes or if you have any problems upgrading.

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In the past, when I was trying to upgrade I was informed that in order to jump from one Major.Minor version I had to upgrade to the last Major.Minor.Minor version of my Major version.

Is this no longer true?

Why do you bring that up in this thread?

This thread is about an upgrade path within the 14-series, i.e no upgrades of a major version. I am the only one who talked about anything besides the 14-series, mentioning that 15-0 was planned for release. It was, and while I haven’t checked the recommended upgrade paths (we’re on 14.10) I only suggested adding it to the plan (implying that the rest of the plan should stay like it was) of going to 14.10 (which is the latest in thre 14-series) before.

Not having checked the recommended upgrade paths for 15.0 I can’t say if anything has changed, but going to the latest minor before upgrading to a new major, has been in the recommended paths for several major versions, so I would still recommend that.

Please don’t hijack unrelated threads.

I just checked the recommended paths on

they don’t mention 15 yet, but 14.9.0 is in the path, so before anyone starts mentioning that you might be able to skip some minor versions (not if using so-called - they are not really - “zero-downtime”-upgrades), that might be a good stop. I don’t know why (but it’s probablly because it includes some database migrations, which also explains why the OP only mentioned waiting for such, when doing that upgrade) it’s on the path, but I guess that 14.9.4 (the latest 14.9) will also work.

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@grove thanks, 14.9 for it was for the 2 hours

I wasn’t hijacking. I was simply asking to find out if it was true for when I performed an upgrade.


@grove @gitlab-greg Is it required/recommended to install gitlab-ce 14.7.Z (currently 14.7.7) prior to installing 14.8.Z?

I just caught in my proposed upgrade path that I didn’t include installing the package 14.7.Z, and I’m preparing for a one package incremental update this week. Thank you in advance!


Is it required/recommended to install gitlab-ce 14.7.Z (currently 14.7.7) prior to installing 14.8.Z?

No, this is not required. You’ll be fine upgrading to 14.8 (or 14.9) without installinng 14.7.7 first.

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