Upgrade to 9.0 failed

The Admin-Status page indicated that I should “update asap”, so I did.

I use omnibus-ce via apt packages on a 16.04. My DB is on a separate machine but managed by gitlab-ce as well (as per docs). But the dpkg-configure/Chef run failed:

Checking PostgreSQL executables: OK
Checking for an omnibus managed postgresql: NOT OK
No currently installed postgresql in the omnibus instance found.
Checking if we already upgraded: NOT OK
Checking for a newer version of PostgreSQL to install: OK
Upgrading PostgreSQL to 9.6.1
Checking if PostgreSQL bin files are symlinked to the expected location: OK
Toggling deploy page:cp /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/public/deploy.html /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/public/index.html
Toggling deploy page: OK
Toggling services:ok: down: logrotate: 1s, normally up
ok: down: registry: 0s, normally up
ok: down: sidekiq: 0s, normally up
Toggling services: OK
There wasn an error fetching locale and encoding information from the database
Please ensure the database is running and functional before running pg-upgrade
STDOUT: /opt/gitlab/bin/gitlab-psql error: could not load /opt/gitlab/etc/gitlab-psql-rc
Either you are not allowed to read the file, or it does not exist yet.
You can generate it with:   sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure
Stopping the database: OK
Update the symlinks: OK
Creating temporary data directory: OK
Initializing the new database:Error initializing database for 9.6.1
STDOUT: The files belonging to this database system will be owned by user "gitlab-psql".
This user must also own the server process.

STDERR: initdb: invalid locale name "--encoding"
== Fatal error ==
Please check the output and try again
== Reverting ==
== Reverted ==
== Reverted to 9.2.18. Please check output for what went wrong ==
Toggling deploy page:rm -f /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/public/index.html
Toggling deploy page: OK
Toggling services:ok: run: logrotate: (pid 4130) 0s
ok: run: registry: (pid 4137) 1s
ok: run: sidekiq: (pid 4143) 0s
Toggling services: OK
Ensuring PostgreSQL is updated: NOT OK
Error ensuring PostgreSQL is updated. Please check the logs

Please help, the first irrate users are reaching for the torches and are assembling at the drawbridge!

And more importantly: don’t mark a new major release as ‘update asap’ unless it is guaranteed to work.

mfg lutz

Running gitlab-ctl reconfigure as instructed, does not create /opt/gitlab/etc/gitlab-psql-rc as promised. But runs cleanly.

On my db host this file exists. Updating there went without a hitch.

The apt package install does not seem to care for my disabling the local psql.

Ok, the gitlab-ctl reconfigure seems to have fixed the instance, and the crowd with pitchforks and torches is dispersing.

But the apt package is still as marked as incorrectly configure and retrying does not improve its status.

I have the exact same problem while upgrading the omnibus gitlab to 9.0.
Is there any workaround so far?

I have the same issue after apdate.
Pleas help us to solve this.

Have the same problem upgrading from 8.17.4 to 9.0 omnibus installation. Debian 8 jessie server, with nginx reverse proxy. This is a huge blow for us, can’t get it to work. The reconfigure command runs ok, but doesn’t solve the problem, please help!

After I had the system basically running again, I opened an issue and got help there: