Upgrading from 8.16.6

We are looking to get our GitLab server up to date (and keep it that way!). I was sure that we had installed from Omnibus but to my surprise, the package repository wasn’t actually added to install with apt.

I have added that successfully by following instructions here: https://about.gitlab.com/installation/?version=ce#ubuntu

Additionally, I have created a backup using the rake task.

Next, I was going to start the upgrade by following the recommendations here: https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/policy/maintenance.html#upgrade-recommendations. I am finding that I cannot get the latest minor/path version of 8.x.x to install this way. This should be 8.17.7 I believe and the syntax that I thought was needed is sudo apt install gitlab-ce=8.17.7 but I get a message that “Version ‘8.17.7’ for ‘gitlab-ce’ was not found”.

Our server is on Ubuntu 18.04 bionic and when searching the package repository, I am only seeing a couple of 10.x.x versions for bionic. https://packages.gitlab.com/app/gitlab/gitlab-ce/search?q=&filter=all&filter=all&dist=bionic

Looking for suggestions on how to proceed. Thanks!

Wanted to comment on what we ended up doing for others out there.

I ended up just manually downloading the versions that I needed from the repository even though they were not tagged for Ubuntu bionic. I downloaded 8.17.7 for Xenial and installed, then 9.5.9 for Xenial and installed. Neither of these had any issues with installing. Then I just used the apt command to install the latest version of 10.x.x for Ubuntu bionic.

Went incredibly smooth and probably only took a half hour in total.