Can't upgrade gitlab-ce package in Ubuntu 18.04

Since a few weeks I don’t see any new gitlab-ce versions in package repository. Gitlab says that there is a new update available, but the installed package is 16.11.3-ce.0 and I can’t see any new available package to update when I run “apt update && apt upgrade”.

Maybe there is a cache mismatch or a pinned version prohibits the actual upgrade. I can see 16.11.3 as latest for ubuntu/bionic in gitlab/gitlab-ce - Results for ubuntu/bionic in gitlab/gitlab-ce

GitLab 17.0 removed packages for Ubuntu 18.04, see the deprecation entry. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is end-of-life since June 2023.

Consider planning a host dist-upgrade to 20 or 22, including the GitLab upgrade path GitLab Upgrade Path Resources

GitLab package creation for Ubuntu 24 (released 2024-04-25) are tracked in Add package for Ubuntu 24.04 (noble) (#8509) · Issues · / omnibus-gitlab · GitLab

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Ok, I see. I will move to a more recent Ubuntu or Debian version.

Thanks for the info and link!