Upgrading from gitlab-ce 8.5.0 to 10.6.4

currently running GitLab Community Edition 8.5.0
trying to upgrade to to most recent current version of gitlab gitlab-10.6.4-ce via rpm.
I am having a couple of issues, mainly the postgresql database is a different version which needs several changes. I would be willing to reinstall redhat with new install of redhat 7, but I also read that the gitlab backup format changed. will gitlab 10 still understand the older backup or is there a method to convert the old backup to the new backup format.

GitLab any suggestions?

Hey there,

Just to clarify, you’re trying to upgrade from GitLab CE 8.5.0 to GitLab CE 10.6.4 and you need to know if V10.6.4 will recognise your old postgresql backup?

What errors are you running into exactly? Did you get any specific error messages when you try and run the upgrade?

Looking forward to your response!

I already tried to do the upgrade so I know postgresql also gets upgraded so it does not work.

I would like to ideally just do a backup of GitLab, install a newer version of gitlab and restore the back up of GitLab. Except it appears that the backup version of GitLab has since changed. Is there a was so I can do the backup, install new version, convert backup to new format and then restore to new version? Emphasis on converting the old backup to the new backup version.