Asking for advices on upgrading from old version (5.0 to 7.8)


First, congrats to the Gitlab team and to all the contributors !

I’m running Gitlab CE v5.0.1 on a Debian 6 server.
I lagged behind because this version was pretty good and answered my needs. Well, procrastination is probably the main reason…

I would like to know what is the best strategy to migrate to the latest version.

From this page I think I’m going to migrate in this order :

Do you think it’s going to work well ? Should I make more steps (from 5.1 to 6.0 and 6.0 to 7.8) ?
Besides, is there new concepts I should be especially aware of ?

Thank you very much !


PS : I hope my English is not too bad…

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Tough update, but not impossible! Remember to take backups at all stages. Your plan seems right. It might be useful to switch to the packaged GitLab when the upgrade is done.

Good luck! If you get stuck anywhere let us know.

Thank you for your answer. I’m going to try it soon, since it seems possible :smile:

Concerning the packaged Gitlab, I believe it is only available for Debian 7.
Well, I will migrate to it soon, but first I’m going to concentrate with the 7.8 upgrade !

I’ll come back if I got problems, or if I succeed in my first try ! :wink:

Ah you’re on Squeeze, didn’t notice that!