Upload release asset: 413 request entity too large


My free, open-source desktop text editor distributes the following files:

  • 209716512 bytes - keenwrite.app
  • 221946482 bytes - keenwrite.bin
  • 202486272 bytes - KeenWrite.exe
  • 113327523 bytes - keenwrite.jar

When using GitHub, these could be attached to a tagged release without any issues.

When using GitLab, the resources are published as follows:

glab release upload 3.4.7 keenwrite.app
glab release upload 3.4.7 keenwrite.bin
glab release upload 3.4.7 keenwrite.jar
glab release upload 3.4.7 KeenWrite.exe

This produces the following error on each file:

• Validating tag repo=DaveJarvis/KeenWrite tag=3.4.7
• Uploading release assets repo=DaveJarvis/KeenWrite tag=3.4.7
• Uploading to release	file=keenwrite.bin name=keenwrite.bin
x creating release assets failed error=POST https://gitlab.com/api/v4/projects/DaveJarvis/KeenWrite/uploads: 413 failed to parse unknown error format: Request Entity Too Large

Most of the instructions online for increasing the maximum upload seem to apply to a self-hosted GitLab instance. I could not find any up-to-date instructions on how to accomplish this on GitLab.com (most instructions refer to outdated menu options).

Any ideas how to attach the artifacts to a release using GitLab.com?