Use an internal ACME provider instead of Letsencrypt

If I use an internal ACME provider in my intranet (i.e. StepCA). How could I change the URI from letsencrypt to the local one? Is there a property I could change?
If there is an option, please add it to the documentation :wink:

Hi, there isn’t an option for it as far as I can see.

If you want to use alternative certificates, then you can just create /etc/gitlab/ssl directory and then put your StepCA certficate and key in here ensuring that the cert file is the full chain. The name of the certificate should be the FQDN of your host, so if we assume as the gitlab server, then in /etc/gitlab/ssl you should have and

Then it will do everything that you want to do without using LetsEncrypt. I did similar when using LetsEncrypt integrated with ejabberd, so you can just script it all out with the step-ca CLI tool to generate, and then put the certificates in the directory I mentioned above with the appropriate filename matching your gitlab FQDN.

Thanks, this is the actual way i solve this problem. It would be nice if i could change the acme uri, because I want to remove all unnecessary manual tasks. I will raise a feature request.

I have the same interest here. @dirkey share your link to the feature request so I can upvote.