User and deploy keys are not working post migration

I’ve went through the docs for migration and had what I thought was a successfully migration. The issue is that both deploy ssh keys and user ssh keys are not working. I know ssh is working. If I either add a new key or delete and re-add the same key it works. It even shows the correct hash for the key on the re-add. It’s really just the migrated key that doesn’t work. I’ve tried several accounts and deploy keys and the all fail.

Did I miss a step in migration? I’m pretty sure I’ve read the doc several times but you never know.

I really don’t want to have all users re-issue their SSH keys.

from centos7 to rhel9. Both on gitlab-ce-16.11.2.

You can verify permissions for the migrated keys are correctly set on the new system. And confirm that the keys are in the correct format and compatible with the new GitLab version.

Thanks for the response @BrandyN11.

It seems the restore didn’t (or doesn’t) rebuild the ~git/.ssh/authorized_keys. It was empty on the migration restore. I found the command to build the authorized_keys file:

gitlab-rake gitlab:shell:setup

Post running this, the authorized_keys file regenerated just fine.