Cannot Transfer project to other subgroup, even if I am owner

When trying to move a project from one subgroup to another subgroup (within the same group), I get the error message You can only transfer the project to namespaces you manage. I don’t understand why I get this message since I have owner rights on both subgroups (the source and the destination subgroup) as well as for the project itself.

I found out that I can transfer the project to any subgroup I created on my own. For subgroups that were created by other users (but I got owner rights too), the behavior described above occurs.

GitLab Version: Enterprise Edition 10.2.3-ee

Is this a known behavior? Are there any known workarounds?

I have the same problem with my Community Edition.

Some sub groups I am shown as Owner of in the list. Others, I am still the owner of but I don’t see the Owner badge and next to my name is a link to the main Group. Those subgroups I cannot transfer a project to.