Using nanoserver for a gitlab-runner helper image


At the moment if this docker image is used “gitlab/gitlab-runner-helper:x86_64-latest-nanoserver1809” the following error occurs in the ‘Preparing environment’ stage:

ERROR: Job failed (system failure): prepare environment: Error response from daemon: container 896cef182cff1d2024fd549ef8c7c73163f13f98cc7ddcc829655a2c426bad2e encountered an error during CreateProcess: failure in a Windows system call: The system cannot find the file specified.

This error occurs because there is no pwsh.exe in the “gitlab/gitlab-runner-helper:x86_64-latest-nanoserver1809” image.

Is it possible to use a Windows Nanoserver docker image with a docker-windows executer?
If it is possible, are there any official images on the Docker Hub or