Using public snippets in multiple projects


I’ve a bunch of small Python modules that I frequently use in my bigger projects. The GitLab FAQ suggests that public snippets is the way to go but now I am stuck with my requirement to link these snippets to several projects. I just can’t figure out how to set up my projects to always clone/copy that snippet as it was part of the project itself.

These little helpers don’t really follow a greater scheme so grouping them in a python_miscellaneous repository doesn’t make much sense. Creating a bunch of repositories for single files seems also weird and keeping a separate copy for each project is just redundant (also confusing, I keep forgetting to edit ALL copies and then end up with different versions).

Hopefully someone knows what I need to look out for. Googling things like “gitlab snippet in multiple projects” wasn’t very informative. I either get stuff about project snippets rather than public snippets or posts where people ask about multiple file snippets…