Using SpamCheck

I operate a self-hosted GitLab instance with public signups. As you can imagine, I run into spam problems frequently – including the occasional spam issue. I recently turned on the SpamCheck tool, and I’m looking for more information on how to use it. Here’s what I know so far:

I found this GitLab documentation page, which describes how to enable it. That seems to have worked well. After following the steps, my Admin page has a “Spam Logs” entry. Sounds like it’s working.

A couple days later, one of my legitimate users gets a message – “Your issue has been recognized as spam and has been discarded.”. Sure enough, if I go into the Spam Logs, I see several entries from that user with the issue they were trying to create. The available action buttons are “Remove User”, “Block User”, and “Remove Log”. Removing the Log didn’t make the issue appear. I don’t want to remove or block the user (they are known legitimate). I expected something like “Not Spam” / “Allow Issue” / “Mark as Ham” / etc.

I found an issue (gitlab-com/gl-security/engineering-and-research/automation-team/spam/spamcheck#190), which doesn’t have a lot of details – but, appears to be related to making a “Submit as Ham” button work for SpamCheck. Does this imply there is no way to mark a flagged post as legitimate right now?

Does anybody know how to use this service, or have documentation links for it, or know if it is a young/experimental tool that isn’t ready for real use yet?