Using web interface only, how to upload folders or directories - this feature seems not available

Upload folders or directories using web interface only

  • Described question : using gitlab accross web interface only, it is possible to upload files, to create folder. But it seems not possible to upload folders their content. Using “web IDE” feature, seems neither allow to upload folders and their content. So the question is: is there a way to upload folders using gitlab interface only ? And, optional: if not, is there a possibility to suggest this idea to the gitlab development teams ?

  • What I see
    The menu in project -> Repository -> Files -> [+] does not include “Upload directory” option.
    The menu in project -> Repository -> Files -> Web IDE -> does not include “Upload directory” option.

  • Screenshots

  • Gitlab Version
    I’m using and its current version.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @antc! It looks like the option to upload folders via the UI is a feature request. You should feel free to add this here, so that the right Product Managers can see the need for this! :blush:

Hello @Linds

Thank you for your return. I came to the same conclusion as you. That is why I’ve already opened a feature proposal issue numbered 228490 called " feature-proposal-upload-repository-using-web-interface-only" .

I don’t know if what I wrote on the issue description is well enough written. Nor if “Product Managers” can see the need for this … I hope so. I try to do my best for my first-time " feature proposal" …

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Your feature proposal looks great @antc , thanks for contributing to GitLab!

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