Visualize Branches


I am new fan of GitLab and I am wondering if there is a way to visualize branches and commits.

Something like the image below that has been taken from gitx.


Thank you very for your time.

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at least in my web interface of the GitLab instance I have a “graph” page where exactly this type of illustration of the branches is shown. You do not have such a page?

Hello, try this:

@maikenp: Unfortunately not! Which version are you running and on what OS?

@ariel.barria: I am sorry I didn’t get what you are trying to say…what am I supposed to do with the link?


yes, you are right

@ariel.barria: I am right to what? Could you please be a little more specific? Like what to do with the URL you 've posted.

@maikenp: What version of Gitlab are you running and on what OS in order to have the visualization? Have you done something custom to see it?

Looking forward for your answers!

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@idet2 - at least if you don’t have the right web-interface you can go git log --graph --oneline on the command line.

I do not quite understand what problems you are having, to me it seems obvious that you would find your answers by googling a bit and reading documentation. But maybe I have not understood your problme.

I think this is exactly what you are searching for.
Repository-> Graph

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