Want To Develop a Website With Gitlab

Hi, I hope you’re all doing well. I’m considering using Gitlab to create a website. I already have a WordPress gaming website apktrace that hasn’t been working properly for the past few weeks. Now I’m considering alternative options, such as GitLab. However, I’m a little confused with Gitlab. What can i do maximum to utilize gitlab? Can you possibly assist me in constructing a website similar to this one utilising Gitlab? Please accept my sincere gratitude.


You can use Gitlab pages, but it is for static websites, so HTML5/CSS/JS. See the Gitlab Pages docs for how to do that: GitLab Pages | GitLab

Can you plz tell me, is gitlab a hosting provider or not?
Do you have any customized theme for using on website?

No it is not a hosting provider. Gitlab is a code sharing platform similar like Github and others. Gitlab pages allows you to make static websites from your gitlab repository and display them. Read the docs.

You have to code the website yourself in static html/css/js or similar. All the info is in the doc link I sent you.

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