Want to take backup of everything in gitlab (I use SaaS)

Hello team,

I want to take a backup of everything in my gitlab and save it somewhere else for disaster recovery purposes. How do I take a back up of everything? Note that I am am not hosting the gitlab on my environment. I have a subscription to gitlab and it is from the SaaS subscription that I want to take a backup of everything.

I thought I can just fit clone and then zip that and save it. Would that include everything in gitlab ?


Cloning would only have your repository files - it won’t have issues, wiki, etc. And the full backup that is possible with your own Gitlab install, cannot be done with the Gitlab SaaS one - and I don’t see any other possibilities available to you with Gitlab SaaS.

The backup/restore that is possible with your own Gitlab installation does far more, since on that kind of install you are the Administrator of it. So the backup that can be made there, includes everything and can be restored to an entirely different server running the same version of Gitlab when the backup was made.

If cloning your repositories is enough for you, then you can just do that.


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Backup GitLab SaaS provides more details on the backup strategies, and methods you can use to export the backup yourself (API, UI).

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