What DB table are Admin Settings kept in?

Hi Gitlab Community,
We’re running Gitlab 16.3 self-hosted and we’ve made some changes to the Admin Settings in the WebUI. We’d like a summary of what we’ve changed but the changes are not stored in “gitlab.rb”. We assume they’re in the DB but we’re not sure of the table. Is this assumption correct? Can anyone help us with the TABLE(s)?

At a guess, application_settings is most likely the table name for config settings made to the backend. There are like 600-700 tables, so generally filtering the table names for settings, preferences, config, things like this should narrow the list down quite easily if that is not the correct one.

There’s tables also for project_settings as well if you are wanting to find out what was changed here also.

Run a query on it, for example:

select * from application_settings;

and see what you get back. If it includes options you have changed in the admin panel, then that would confirm that it is what you are looking for.


If you have (or can generate) a token for a sufficiently privileged user you can get (most of) those settings from the REST API, by sending a GET-request to https://<gitlab-instance>/api/v4/application/settings, you can also change most of them - but the documentation at

is poor, see e.g.

(yes, I created the issue that was turned into that epic, and am a major contributor to it)