What is GitLab Abuse Reports


Can some one explain What is GitLab Abuse Reports ?
How is this feature useful?

A sample use case:

When you find spam on GitLab.com, you can report the user and then on admin/abuse_reports an admin can review the report and block/delete the user

How to do that in this forum? I had a spam replay to my Q but I don’t see any option to report it.

Can you link me to that post, @marcelstoer? I would be happy to clear that out for you!

in the future, you can always reach out to myself, or another #moderator for this kind of request by hitting the “flag” icon in the post toolbar. :blush:

Thanks, it’s here: Send email from a pipeline container, connect to host MTA by using host network

I was looking for a flag/report/etc. icon but didn’t see any. Could you please post a screen shot somewhere so I know what the look for. Maybe my browers, ad blocker, no-tracking blocker etc. swallowed it.

Got it! I have deleted that spam-my post.

If you hit the under the post content, this tool bar should pop up:

Let me know if this is an option for you. - to be honest I am still figuring out specific permissions!

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I see the ellipsis, I can click it but I don’t see that flag icon. Could it be that I won’t get that option because I just joined and don’t have enough credits yet?

Quite possible! I will look into that right now - thanks for letting me know!