What is the purpose of an "admin bot"?

Hello there,

I’m using an self hosted, isolated gitlab (v16.2.4-ee) and I’m wondering about a bot, which has been appeared a few days ago. I 've informed myself about bots and their usage, but I haven’t found a responsible answer for that.

This is a system based bot, which has been created or activated or else (?) for no currently known reason. Based on the gitlab docs for “internal users”: Internal users | GitLab there’re also other bots listed. When I click on the “admin bot” link, I’ll be refered to the source code for users. This bot comes with admin privilegues automatically. This source file has been updated 2 months ago.

Unlike to real users, which are located in the pending approval tab, this bot has been confirmed automatically. I also don’t want to have a bot with admin settings, however, I’m unable to edit this bot like other users or bots, which I’ve created by myself.

Do you know what could be do here?

Thanks. (:

I don’t have either of those bots on my systems.

We have a user called “test” marked as a bot, but it was created in November last year.

We also have that “GitLab Admin Bot” user, created on wednesday last week, probably when we upgraded from 16.2 til 16.3. I have no idea what the purpose is, but luckily it seems like it hasn’t been used (yet).

Admin bot used for tasks that require admin privileges. There are more various other Internal users (aka bots). Example of such tasks could be: applying compliance frameworks or inactive projects deletion.