What should be entered for the account when adding Gitlab to Xcode?


This might sound like an obvious and dumb question, but I just cannot signin to a GitLab account (not self-hosted) in order to add it within XCode.

XCode prompts me to enter an account and a personal access token (which I’ve created from within the gitlab account and granted full read/write access).

But what do I enter for the account? Is that my gitlab username, my gitlab email etc.? No matter what I try, I can’t logon within XCode.

The email associated with my gitlab account is SomeName@somthing.com , and when I logon to the gitlab website I just enter the SomeName portion of it along with my password. Once logged into gitlab if I display my profile it shows "My Name" and underneath that @SomeName

If I go to the account section, it displays the full account as:


Within XCode I have tried entering the following 6 things as the account name:

1) https://gitlab.clt.something.com/SomeName
2) https://gitlab.clt.something.com
3) My Name
4) @SomeName
5) SomeName
6) SomeName@somthing.com

But XCode just keeps saying your account or token is incorrect. The token cannot be incorrect as I only created it 20 minutes ago, so if none of the 6 things above is the correct account name to enter, then what is and where within gitlab do I find it?

I have the exact same problem: I can log in gitlab with not problem, but for some reason I can no longer push my project from xcode, no matter what account nname/email I combine with my gitlab password/token…
Have you solved the problem?