When uploading a wiki page using the Gitlab API, yaml meta data reference is striped out

Using gitlab api to upload wiki page (14.9)

when uploading a wiki page using the gitlab api, yaml meta data reference is striped out. Is this expected behaviour ?

bash function to upload a standard page to every project wiki.

gitlab-wiki-runbook ()
# Add a RunBook.md to all project wikis

  # Get the GitLab API URL
  local API_URL="${CI_API_V4_URL:-https://my-gitlab.con/api/v4}"

  # Set variables
  local PROJECT_IDS=()

  # Get list of GitLab projects
  local PROJECT_LIST_JSON=$(gitlab_projects_list_simple)
  # read each item in the JSON array to an item in the Bash array
  readarray -t PROJECT_LIST < <(jq -c '.[]' <<< ${PROJECT_LIST_JSON})
  # Add RunBook wiki page
  for PROJECT in "${PROJECT_LIST[@]}"; do
    # echo ${PROJECT}
    # Extract project ID
  	PROJECT_ID=$(echo "$PROJECT" | jq -r '.id')
  	REPO=$(echo "$PROJECT" | jq -r '.path')
  	NAME=$(echo "$PROJECT" | jq -r '.name')
tags: ${REPO}, wiki, RunBook
alias: ${REPO}-wiki-RunBook, ${NAME} Run Book
# ${NAME} Run Book
	echo ${CONTENT}
  	curl \
  	--data-urlencode "format=markdown" \
  	--data-urlencode "title=RunBook" \
  	--data-urlencode "content=${CONTENT}" \
    --silent \
    --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: ${GITLAB_TOKEN}" \

tried with curl and wget same resilt every thing between — and — get remove.

play around with – or – - work as expected but not loading wiki meta data.

As asked is this expected behaviour ? before i create a work round.