Whenever I do a push, the pipeline is triggered

Whenever I do a push, the pipeline is triggered

Every commit or branch that I upload to the remote repository activates the pipeline.
Including commits made in the IDE, terminal or even in Gitlab itself.
I’ve already tried running the following command:
git config --global push.default current
And my gitlab-ci looks like this:

  - project: 'directory' //just to hide
    ref: v1
    file: 'pipeline-gitlabci.yml'

Unfortunately, I don’t have permissions on the repository. I would just like to know if there is anything I can do within my power or will I have to contact someone.

What is the content of pipeline-gilabci.yml?

And what is your desired behaviour? If there is a gitlab-ci.yml file with pipelines defined, those will run.
You can check out this link to see how you can for example restrict pipelines to a specific branch.

How you push changes to the repository does not make any difference.

That is expected behavior if you have .gitlab-ci.yml present in your repository. I suggest to contact maintainers of the repository to clarify with them.

Thank you guys. Someone had changed my role in Gitlab. Thank you for your attention and help!