Where to find a procedure to convert to hashed storage from legacy storage?

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I’m upgrading GitLab CE (omnibus) from 10.2.5 to the current stable version (GitLab 14) and I’m currently at version 13.0.14. While performing the last incremental upgrade to 13.0.14, I saw in the command output to the screen that I have to convert storage type from Legacy to Hashed in order to upgrade to version 14 because it’s no longer supported in version 14. Does anyone know where to find a procedure on how to convert to hashed storage?

I run the GitLab CE on RHEL 7.X, single node installation, self-managed, downtime is acceptable. Thanks in advance!


According to this: Hashed Storage as the only storage (&2320) · Epics · GitLab.org · GitLab

In version 13.3 automatic migration takes place. As per this: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab you have to go yet to 13.1.11 and then 13.8.8 and then 13.12.x (latest current 13.12 release) before going to 14.x.

You can do it manually, after a quick google for gitlab convert to hashed storage, the Gitlab docs has this info: Repository storage Rake tasks | GitLab

Mine was done automatically when upgrading Gitlab, so I think you don’t need to do much else really other than finish going through the upgrade path. Unless of course you want to do it manually.


This is excellent information, so based on that I’ll continue along the prescribed upgrade path to have the storage converted automatically. Thanks!

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Once you are on the latest 13.12.x release, your next upgrade path is 14.0.x then 14.1.x and then latest 14.x.x which is 14.6.1 right now.