Where to install python venv for gitlab CI

I have a Gitlab installation, actually from bitnami but that shouldn’t matter…unless it does. Where can I install a python 3 virtual environment so every one of my unit tests can run under a virtual environment? Like is there a specific place on disk, I’m actually OK with all my projects on this machine being run under the same virtual environment.

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Managed to create and activate a virtualenv as part of a job, but when i activated the virtualenv the job ended for some reason and did not continue to the next steps…

i have the same problem… when I try to activate the virtualenv the job stops…

If anyone else stumbles across this on windows, you have to add call before you activate the venv.

    - python -m venv .venv
    - call .venv\Scripts\activate.bat

Find the activate script with: find -type f -name "activate" -path "**/.venv/**"
It’s probably in the bin directory (instead of Scripts)

    - python -m venv .venv
   -  `find -type f -name "activate"  -path "**/.venv/**"`
    - source $( `find -type f -name "activate"  -path "**/.venv/**"`)