Why is gitlab blocked from Syria?

Is there any reason why access to Gitlab is blocked from Syria?

I work in the UK but I recently visited my home country Syria and I had to do some remote work. But I couldn’t even open gitlab.com domain or even access any gitlab blog.

Is there any reason why gitlab is participating in the (unfair and cruel) US blockading and sanctioning of the Syrian people? My family is living on 1 hour of electricity per day, limited supplies of gas and petrol, most people living on a salary of 30 USD or less, barely enough for bread. During this 1 hour, I wanted to access gitlab.com, and it was blocked. I can imagine why Bill Gates might want to keep his website away from Syria. But the gitlab people? Thanks gitlab.

Note: Apology for moderators if I wasn’t “politically correct” enough. But the truth must be said.

Because companies worldwide have to comply with trade compliance. So if Syria is on this list, as it appears here: Trade Compliance | The GitLab Handbook then nothing can be done until that country is removed from the embargo list. This isn’t Gitlab’s fault here. They have to comply, it isn’t their choice. If they don’t comply, they get fined or sanctioned for non-compliance.

You may not like it, but blaming Gitlab when it isn’t their fault is the wrong way to go about it. This forum isn’t for politics, the Syrian Government is not an innocent party in this situation either. Unfortunately the innocent people of each and every country is affected because of situations like this. The Governments are to blame for this situation - if you wish to blame someone for it. Incidently, Github is also blocked, so singling out Gitlab is unfair also in such a situation.

VPN’s can be used to effectively “change” your location. But your results may vary in terms of what will work/not work via a VPN.

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I see. You provided information which I ignored. I agree with you that gitlab is without fault as it isn’t thier choice.


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