Why is my pipeline failing and how can I fix it?

Hi all

I am new to GL and CI/CD.

I am using gitlab.com; the current default version.

I am trying out pipelines and have created a sample one listed in the GL docs. It only runs a sleep command to simulate a test.

Following the procedure documented on GL, I have created a runner on my local PC and have registered it on GL. The runner’s executor is ‘shell’.

I also edited a change to a file in my GL repo and made a merge request. My only objective here is to see if the pipeline works.

However, the pipeline fails, with the message:

“Detached merge request pipeline #528091106 failed for 59b7ebd3 just now”.

I’d like to ask:

  1. Why does this failure occur?
  2. How can I fix it?



Hi @smsteven

What is the contents of your .gitlab-ci.yml file, and what do the logs say for the failed pipeline job?