Wiki Permissions for Guest

I am new to gitlab and the use of Wiki pages in general.
My company is interested in keeping a Wiki updated and want to be able to give permission for potential hires to read through documentation.

We do not want them to be able to clone the Wiki repo, see issues or view the code.
Would the guest permission fulfill those requirements?
I have been trying to figure that out from the link here:

But it does not mention cloning the Wiki repository.
Please advise,


When you say cloning the wiki repo, are you referring to creating/editing existing wiki pages? If all you want them to do is to view the wiki, the “Guest” permission should work. Not sure if you already found this page:

Hope this helps…

Yes, thank you.
I had seen that page and the guest status of viewing. My question was asked because I was unsure if this was limited to creating and editing in the browser or through the command line as well where one can edit and push changes back through git which are reflected in the browser.