Wrong user on commit (mixed with GitHub account user)

Hello, good morning!

I’ve recently started using GitLab and I imported my GitHub account to make things easier.
So now I have https://gitlab.com/Tschis and https://github.com/Tschis

I created a new project on GitLab and committed via command line.
Then I edited the readme through command line and committed, but I didn’t like that I couldn’t preview it.
So, I edited the readme through GitLab web UI and committed my final version.
Finally, I did some more changes locally on my project and committed again via command line.

Now the problem is that my username is mixed up on commit list. Can anyone help me understand what I did wrong, and how to fix it so I can have my GitLab user showing up instead of my GitHub user?

Image of commit history:


Nevermind, my local project configuration had the GitHub username set via Global config.
So I just set my project local config to use my GitLab e-mail.

Thank you.