Username in gitlab URL

Hi everyone,

I updated gitlab from 8.17 to 9.0. Everything seems to be fine. Obviously there is new feature in gitlab 9.0 which kinda disturbs me. There is field on every project site which shows me the https URL to this specific git project. Before gitlab 9.0 there was https:///gitlab/test.git. Gitlab 9.0 now added the current user in front of the URL like https://@/gitlab/test.git. Our users often copy the entire URL from the project site to clone some git repos. Du to the fact, that we have serveral users who are working under the same OS User on a server, we don’t want the gitlab user hardcoded in the URL. Otherwise the user will be stored in git remote -v. I know we could edit the URL before we clone a repo but I would like to ask you if you have any ideas how we get rid of this username?


Hey Kevin
Check out the following issue on and vote for it! Many users seam to have the same problem!

Cheers, Joël