10.3.3-ee Enterprise export to import to 15.9 Errors

Trying to upgrade my old Enterprise 10.3.3-ee to 15.9 . Installed 15.9 alright, now attempting to move my project(s) from 10.3.3 by exporting and then importing into 15.9 to no avail. Do I slug through by installing and updating interim versions or there are db migration tools I can use ?. I am obliged to your help. Thanks



Take a look here: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab

The upgrade path suggests the order to be:

10.8.7 → 11.0.6 → 11.11.8 → 12.0.2 → 12.1.17 → 12.10.14 → 13.0.14 → 13.1.11 → 13.8.8 → 13.12.15 → 14.0.12 → 14.3.6 → 14.9.5 → 14.10.5 → 15.0.5 → 15.1.6 → 15.4.6 → 15.11.x

since 15.11.4 is the latest, that will be your last step on the upgrade.

Please make backups before attempting the upgrade process. Also, since your Gitlab 10.x is likely on an old system, you will find for later versions packages won’t exist. That will mean requiring to upgrade your system before being able to continue the upgrades on the upgrade path. If Debian/Ubuntu, upgrades are possible. For EL based distributions like Red Hat, etc, then you’ll need to fresh install. At this point, you’ll want to be following the backup/restore docs for Gitlab, and then after your new OS install of EL Linux, you’ll then be needing to restore the backup, check it’s working and then continue on the upgrade path.

Other alternatives would be to clone all the repos from your old server, and then push them to the new server. But you will lose issues, wiki most likely this way. If that’s not a problem for you, but then I think you also won’t have that when exporting/importing from the web UI (of which you were already attempting).

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Hi iWalker, Thanks for taking the time writing back. I will rtfm the instructions, I guess it would be futile to hope for a quick and easy way to move db from 10.3.3-ee to 15.9 or beyond in one go… :slight_smile: such is life. But was worth exploring, eh?! Thanks mate

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