404 Error when trying to access a transferred project

The development team I work with uses GitLab CE. Typically, a project will start within a developer’s own namespace. When it reaches a certain point, the project may be transferred to a group, like Applications. These groups have a couple of masters, some developers, and then reporters and guests fill out the non-development team members. When certain developers/reporters/guests try to access a project within a group after it has been transferred from a local namespace, they get a 404 error. We never had this problem prior to version 8.15.

When this error occurs, it is only happening to developers who didn’t have access to the project when it was in a private namespace. Masters are still able to access the project. If we add the developer to the project individually, then remove them, they are able to access the project again.

I was wondering if this is an issue within GitLab itself, or something we are doing?