500 Error When accessing group using SaaS

We are using GitLab SaaS and about an hour ago began to receive 500 errors when accessing anything in our group, including the group settings page, and all projects. Not sure how to go about getting this fixed, it is a private company group.

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Best thing is check: https://status.gitlab.com/ as there is an outage right now which most likely explains your problem.

Thanks for the reply, but according to the incident description it is affecting email delivery from gitlab.com, not access to groups. We have found that the issue is only affecting group owners, others are able to access the group.

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Yes that’s only part of it:



which refers to the website, not the email issue. If you have purchased subscriptions, I suggest you open a ticket here since we cannot fix the group problem - we are just community members and have no access to anything to help with that since it requires the Gitlab team members to fix anything from the administration side: https://support.gitlab.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

If it still isn’t working once these status errors turn to green again, then maybe one of the Gitlab team will respond to your post here if you haven’t purchased a subscription to get support directly from the Gitlab support tickets.


Experiencing similar issue, groups and its projects not getting accessible for certain users only…
Its been in that state for more than 6 hours,
Now using an alternate account…

The issue seems fixed, :+1:,
now everything back normal.