is throwing 500 errors

I’m unable to access my Gitlab account. It doesn’t appear to resolve itself over time, nor do I see any mention of an issue on

Here are some of the associated RequestIDs:

Hi @woutervandam, I have checked, and there doesn’t seem to be any ongoing issue, do you mind sharing what part of GitLab you were accessing when this occurred? It could be a temporary issue.

That would be great, but I fear not.

edit: It’s the dashboard:

The issue has been ongoing for well over an hour and occurs in 2 different browsers. In my regular browser I had an active session. In a browser I rarely use I had to log in. Right after that it tries very hard to load the dashboard before it ultimately fails with a 500 error.

In the past week I had been experiencing extended loading times at I wrote that off as either a temporary issue or a bad connection on my end, but perhaps it is related somehow.

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Unfortunately the issue is still ongoing. I did find out that I can still access frequently visited (sub)groups directly, and as such it is not too problematic.

This is affecting me as well.


i have this problem too since 2022-12-05 every time accessing

@abubakar Could it be related to the new pricing strategy? I am part of a group that was affected by the policy change.

Hi all - I believe what you were experiencing was related to a FF rollout that has since been disabled since we received other reports. There are some details here:

I believe it should be resolved at this point as there are no more errors. But if you still run into an issue, can you please post a new Request ID?


Thanks. For me the issue appears to be solved.