500 errors on any projects in a group [resolved]

I saw that 5 minutes ago @pierlucg-xs posted with this topic name, but then deleted the post. Not sure why—I’m having the problem too! All the projects in my lab’s group are getting 500 errors at GitLab.com. Personal projects are loading fine.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!

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Same issue here. Our project works when not logged in: lfortran / lfortran · GitLab, but when I log in or use an existing login session, I get a 500 error.

Our apologies for the issue, but this is related to an ongoing incident on GitLab SaaS that our infrastructure team is currently working to resolve. See the following links for more details and to follow our progress in resolving it.


I deleted my topic because the status page got updated with the incident, sorry about that.

Resolved for me!

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I do not see any of my groups and if I try to enter through the menu option it generates error 500
Does anybody know what is it due to ?

I don’t know what will have happened

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