All of reporting 500 error

Hey everyone,
I ran into an issue of all of displaying a 500 error today. The status page says everything is fine, so does anyone have an idea why this is happening?

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I’m seeing that too, but sometimes the status page takes a little while to update…

And it’s back, panic over.


Hello Guys,

Error 500 is happening now for all people in the company that I’m working.

I’ve had these intermittently, but the status page does not seem to have registered an incident yet.

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This error seems to make its rounds. Currenty all 150 repositories in our group are affected. I can get to and see the list of the projects, but as soon as I want to access one of those projects, I get the error 500 page.

Painfully for us, this problem already lasts for over 20 hours. Everything seems ok on the status page, though.

Funnily enough, because I ran out of options, I just started an Ultimate Trial. And well… we can access our repositories again. This is of course not quite the solution I was looking for, because I still don’t know why exactly the error 500 showed (and I have no idea what will happen when the trial runs out), but at least we have access again.

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