502 Whoops, GitLab is taking too much time to respond - but no gitlab in Instance

I have a Gitlab EC2 that I no longer have access to unfortunately. I created an AMI image from the original instance and attached volumes from snapshots into a new instance.

When trying to access the instance via http (not https), i get the following error

When I go into the instance to troubleshoot, I don’t see gitlab on here:

sudo gitlab-ctl status → gitlab-ctl: command not found
cd /var/log/gitlab/ → No such file or directory

I’m wondering how could the web page load up a Gitlab site if Gitlab doesn’t appear to be on the instance? Not sure how that page is populated / if this is an SSL issue. Also any advice on how to make a copy or duplicate of my original unreachable gitlab instance would be appreciated.

How did you install GitLab on that server?
This doesn’t look like an SSL issue, but how is SSL configured?