A missing command?


I need to put a site online quickly. I discovered gitlab for several days now and, after a lot of difficulties, I finally managed to send my website (with multiple pages) on the server. When I deploy it on Netlifly, nothing is displayed. Upon reflection, I think I forgot to send a command on the terminal.

Someone may give me leads?

Perhaps I have to send a command in order to indicate to the server the home page of my website?

Thank you in advance,



please include all relevant URLs, steps and thoughts you have had throughout your process. Right now it is tremendously hard to imagine what you are seeing in front of your screen.


Sorry, here is my folder where ‘Beyrouth1975’ is my project name registered on Gitlab :

Here are all the commands I have sent :

(1) cd C:/Users/MyUserName/Desktop/siteWeb (2) git init
(3) git add . (4) git config --global user.name’relphe’
(5) git config --global user.email 'relphe@...' (6) ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -f C:/Users/MyUserName/Desktop/siteWeb/.shh/keyName
(7) cd C:/Users/MyUserName/Desktop/siteWeb/.shh/8 (8) ls
(9) cd C:/Users/MyUserName/Desktop/siteWeb/.shh/ (10) cat keyName.pub
(11) git commit -m'First commit' (12) git remote add origin git@gitlab.com:relphe/siteWeb.git
(13) git push -u origin master (14) git status
(15) touch .gitignore (16) git status
(17) git add.gitignore (18) git commit -m’My commit of .gitignore’

Finally, I resolved my problem that was not related to commands. I had to rename my home page.html to index.html.

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