Account hacked?

So a few days ago I got this mail:
Your GitLab account has been locked due to an excessive amount of unsuccessful sign in attempts. Your account will automatically unlock in 10 minutes or you may click the link below to unlock now.

When trying the link the unlock token was invalid. I tried to reset my account’s password but never got the mail that would enable me to do so. I’m now unsure if my accound has been hacked?! How can I find out?

Thanks in advance and regards

We are just community members, so we are unable to tell you if your account was hacked or not. Since your account was locked, this stopped them from getting in. The link will expire if you didn’t click it pretty much immediately, I expect it is only valid for 10 minutes, since your account would automatically unlock itself after 10 minutes.

If you didn’t get the email to reset it, log in with the password that you were using for the account, and then change it manually.

If you cannot get in at all, then you need to open a support ticket with Gitlab. The link below is directly to the account issues option: Submit a request – GitLab, Inc.

Or you could email who deal with security issues.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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