Adding Clickable hyperlink within source code

Hi Team,

Requesting Support in adding a clickable hyperlink to source code in Web interface

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    I want to add a hyperlink (any link to a web application) within my source code.
    Later i want to click this link and open the web application from the gitlab web interface.

Current problem: The link is not clickable. Seen as a text. (The link is clickable only within the IDEs).
Expectation: I am able to click on the link from the source code within the gitlab web interface.

Tried to add the link in the below mark up format, does not work either: [Link Text] ( [])
Additionally we could not find the option to enable mark up as prescribed here:
Admin Area → Settings → General → Markdown and checking the “Enable” box.

Thank you

Hi @GKIRAN :wave:

The formatting for a clickable link a Markdown document is as follows:

[Link text](`

Please ensure that you’re using this syntax in a markdown document (*.md file extension) in order for it to be rendered as a clickable link.

Hi @gitlab-greg

Thank you for the answer but we are looking for a way to render it in the source code file, not in the markdown document