After gitlab-ce Installation on ubuntu

my url =

This is the first page that shows up when i firstly opened my url, not the new password page.

1- Is this the default username = root and password = 5iveL!fe
2- i tried to reset my password using gitlab-ce rails , but after a successful login , i get 404 error page.
3- is there a service that needs to be started in order this to work ?

hi can you help to install gitlab on Ubuntu ???

follow these steps in the following link

and all will be working great

please if you do not have a domain name, use your machine ip, and make it static.

If you have command-line access and sudo priveleges on the GitLab instance, you can use these instructions to set (or re-set) the root (administrator) password.

thank you greg, i solved the problem before two months , it was a problem with the external link.

please could you share the solution i’m having the same issue

sudo nano /etc/gitlab/initial_root_password


This is why i don’t use gitlab, spent hours setting it up in K8 only to find - no way to know or set inital password or user - should be a config for this.

@doug62 it’s all in the documentation, did you read it? If you know kubernetes you should know that passwords are stored in secrets: Quick Start Guide | GitLab