Too many problems Installing and Setting up - Giving up!

I have spent far too much time trying to get this tool up and running on a VM. I have tried installing on 15.04, 14.10, 14.04.2 each time the apt-get install gitlab-ce fails.

Eventually, installed 14.04 xubuntu vanilla. Do not upgrade anything - keep it straight out of the box and follow the gitlab install instructions. Finally, sudo apt-get install gitlab.ce works.

At this point it has been a couple of hours of messing around with VM builds trying to install .

Now finally, point my browser and try and log in as directed by the Gitlab install page.

That fails as well - so after digging around, I found a way to change the password using the ruby console to change the root password. More time wasted.

Now I can log in as the admin finally. The admin dashboard is pretty light on things you can do - I expected a little more.

I then try and setup a user, but it insists on sending a confirmation email, so if you don’t have postfix working, you are are screwed. There is no way to bypass this it seems without writing some ruby code or hacking the postgres sql database.

There are ways of setting up postfix to work if you don’t have a internet hostname etc, but by this time, I have had enough.

I asked myself the question, If I am having this amount of trouble just installing the tool, do I really want to use it for managing my source code projects?

The answer is no - so I have given up and started looking for something else.

First things first.

Everytime you mess around with a new web application things don’t always go as you’d expect. Reading documentation and asking around is crucial for your first steps and that’s why we have so many means of communication :wink:

I don’t see the point in doing that. From the downloads page where you followed the instructions, step 4 explicitly states the username/password to login for the first time.

That’s true and it used to have even less options. Most changes happen at stating settings in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb. The Omnibus Gitlab readme has all the info you want.

That’s not entirely true, although I’ll admit the way to do it is somewhat hacky and hidden and needs to be bettter documented. As an admin go to /admin/users and from there edit the user by changing their password.

I hope you give GitLab a second chance :smile:

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Hi Axil

Thanks for the response.

I can cut and paste as well as the next guy, so I was really surprised the login details in step 4 did not work :smile: , anyway
I guess that was 'the straw that broke the camel’s back ’ for me. The email verification was not a big deal but annoying - I just ran out of time to explore any more.

From my installation experiences, gitlab-ce appeared to be tightly coupled to 14.04. as a suggestion, perhaps you could consider making pre-installed gitlab-ce VM’s available for download , which might be helpful avoiding installation woes.

I will definitely give it a try some time in the future.


The “hacky” method for bypassing email confirmation only works for users created by the admin, not for users who sign themselves up. And while it may only have been an inconvenience to the OP, there really ought to be a way to disable this “feature” - it can be a total showstopper for installations on closed intranets without an email infrastructure.