Alerts not parsing correctly

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I am trying to use the alerts feature. I give it my payload and map the fields. Nothing parses correctly. Every alert has Critical severity with the title “New: Alert”. I am seeing the whole alert in a field named “Details”. It is populated with the full body of the json I am posting:

{ "events": [ { "title": "Reconcile Complete - Path: C:\\Users\\agron\\Apps\\data-watcher\\Plots extension *.datx", "endTime": "2024-04-18T17:20:15.9253183Z", "service": "DataWatcher", "algoGuid": "ed397c83-21fa-4d77-b7e5-2e040f57a8b0", "severity": "info", "safeFiles": 137, "startTime": "2024-04-18T17:20:12.5990162Z", "environment": "kyle-dev", "fingerprint": "Thursday, April 18, 2024 ed397c83-21fa-4d77-b7e5-2e040f57a8b0", "ignoredEmpty": 0, "matchedFiles": 137, "backendRequest": 1, "monitoringTool": "self", "sentForProcessing": 0, "dateRangeMatchFiles": 137, "backendRequestFailed": 0 } ] }

The same thing happens if I don’t map the fields.

It sees all my fields and allows me to map them.

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The UI seems like it expects the alert to be in a toplevel object containing a list of events. The form is prepopulated for that. But it isn’t mentioned in the docs:

If you make a new alert and copy and paste my json you should be able to map the fields and try sending a test alert.


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GitLab Enterprise Edition 17.0.0-pre 3d7f146f030


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It seems like the issue is that end_date isn’t allowed with the other parameters I was using. Maybe because I was alerting as info? This is a long running task and I want to know when it started and stopped.