All images suddenly broken

images on our project are not working anymore, both with relative links and with complete ones. Same whether we use markdown or HTML. Specifically, markdown images turned into links as you can see here (look for “monopoli d’informazione”):

while HTML ones turned into broken previews:

We made a push yesterday where we changed one of these “wiki” pages (“wiki” because we’re not using the wiki function), but that’s it. We didn’t change anything else. Do you know what happened?

Hi @zughy and welcome to the GitLab community forum!

For monopoli informazione, it appears that the image linked to does not exist in the /resources/ or elsewhere in the repository.

For the other examples, there is an unescaped space character in the image files names. (L1-1 gif.gif vs L1-1gif.gif) To fix this, you’ll either need escape the space character with a \ (L1-1\ gif.gif) or rename the files and search+replace/update existing links to remove the space.