All imports from Bitbucket failing

So I have imported a couple of repos directly from bitbucket without a single issue. Easy!

So decided to do a couple more and they’re all failing with a similar error:

Every import attempt has failed:

Error importing repository https://**:* into XYZ/ABC - storage not found: “nfs-file27”. Please try again.

This seems like a gitlab server disk error, but who knows.

Anyone got any ideas?

I’ve revoked the bitbucket access and reinstated it, just in case. Clearly something has broken between the first few successful imports yesterday and today.


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I got the same problem. Retried importing today, but same error.

Manual clone/push works well.

Looks like they’re working again…

When choosing New project -> import -> from BitBucket-Cloud, the login mask for BitBucket credentials currently throws an redirect error.

=> Not working at the moment