All my repos are deleted account gone

All my repos are gone account has been wiped

I was about to update one of my projects and when i logged in trought the gmail form all my account was cleaned, no mail about remote access where send or there was a breach in my account.
I was using a outlook mail before then 2 years ago i changed the account mail to gmail today when i logged in trought the gmail option i entered my account and all my repos where gone, funny thing i can still reset the password trought the old outlook mail tho even if i reset it and try to log in with the old email gitlab won t let me in.
My theory is that upon the login with the gmail account for some reason gitlab created a new account and now the other one is locked… idk how that is even possible.
Need help to recove my account.

this is a community forum. Not a support forum. You can reach GitLab support here Support | GitLab

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This momopicchioni user was created this week. Was that your username before? If not, it sounds like you might have two separate accounts.

Can you try logging into the account associated with your outlook email without using username and password, and not using Google SSO?