"An error occurred while merging. Try again." - but merged ?!

This started happening out of the blue after some of the recent upgrades. GITLAB-CI on CENTOS

a developer creates a merge request, I approve merge request, merge request is simple without any reason to fail, I click on “MERGE” button and I get

I check the master and all the changes are merged to master ?!?!? I can’t find “what failed”

We are not using CI/CD, no “.gitlab-ci.yml”, no pipelines, no jobs, no schedules…

I have no idea why merges are failing nor now to get actual log data on what is failing. anyone can help?

Same problem here, found nothing in the logs.
Also unable to find anything in the GitLab CE repo.

Got this error yesterday. Can’t find why my merge work but still show this.
My teams is double checking if everything work, but still.

well glad to know I’m not the only one, started happening recently … code gets merged into target branch but merge fails and I can’t find anything in any logs why it failed :frowning:

this is starting to be a serious issue not a single merge is passing?!