Announcing GitLab's Q2 2022 Hackathon winners

Another GitLab hackathon is completed, and I would like to begin by celebrating our contributors! Congratulations to everyone who participated and contributed to GitLab.

For this Hackathon and moving forward, we introduced five contribution areas to make it easier for everyone to contribute.
Accordingly, we will be awarding prizes for each of five areas: Security, Frontend, Backend, Technical Writing, and Website.


  • We received 223 MRs from 57 participants across 24 projects.
  • As of the day of this post, 82% (185) MRs have been merged.
  • It is worth mentioning that this has been the most diverse Hackathon regarding the number of projects that received contributions. 24 GitLab Projects when historically we have been receiving contributions across 15 projects
  • Unfortunately we didn’t receive a security related contribution
  • Contributions merged based on each contribution are:
    • Backend: 85
    • Frontend: 28
    • Technical Writing: 47
    • Website: 25
    • Security: 0

What’s next!

How do I get started with contributing?

An excellent place to start is our new Contributing to GitLab page, where you can learn how to contribute GitLab code, documentation, translation, engagement, and UX design.

Hackathon prizes

Following the point system, we calculated each contributor’s points for each contribution area based on whether their MRs were contributing to the issues highlighted on the Hackathon’s page.

Please join me in congratulating all Hackathon contributors:


Name Points gathered Prize
Laurent Deketelaere 40 Grand Prize
Lee Tickett 15 Second Prize
Shreedhar Bhat 15 Second Prize
Anshul Riyal 10 Second Prize
feistel 10 Second Prize
JeremyWuuuuu 10 Second Prize
David Barr 5 Participation Prize
George Tsiolis 5 Participation Prize
Jonston Chan 5 Participation Prize
Mikhail Gavrish 5 Participation Prize
orozot 5 Participation Prize
Xubunter 5 Participation Prize
Marco Zille 5 Participation Prize
Kun Qian 1 Participation Prize


Name Points gathered Prize
Anshul Riyal 205 Grand Prize
feistel 40 Second Prize
Ben Bodenmiller 15 Second Prize
Lee Tickett 10 Second Prize
Taukya Noguchi 10 Second Prize
Mao Chao 7 Participation Prize
Emanuel H. Farias 5 Participation Prize
Baodong 5 Participation Prize
Martin Tan 5 Participation Prize
Nicholas Fason 5 Participation Prize
Steven Van der Jeugt 5 Participation Prize
Marco Zille 5 Participation Prize
Adrián López Calvo 1 Participation Prize
Paolo Mainardi 1 Participation Prize
Zack Knight 1 Participation Prize

Technical Writing

Name Points gathered Prize
Jonston Chan 36 Grand Prize
feistel 35 Grand Prize
Varghese Jose 16 Second Prize
Amy Phillips 15 Second Prize
Taukya Noguchi 10 Second Prize
Ben Bodenmiller 8 Participation Prize
Craig Norris 5 Participation Prize
Mahesh Bachhav 5 Participation Prize
Stefan Schmalzhaf 5 Participation Prize
Thomas Rooijakkers 5 Participation Prize
Yash Maheshwari 5 Participation Prize
Lee Tickett 2 Participation Prize
Neslihan Wittek 2 Participation Prize
pk212 1 Participation Prize
Sanyam Jain 1 Participation Prize
Raimund Hook 1 Participation Prize


Name Points gathered Prize
Jonston Chan 65 Grand Prize
Bianca Power 15 Second Prize
Micah Nagel 15 Second Prize
Joseph Jose 10 Second Prize
Lee Tickett 5 Participation Prize
Michael LeBeau 5 Participation Prize
Sayeed Ahmad 5 Participation Prize
Taukya Noguchi 5 Participation Prize

All participants will be contacted via email by June the 23rd, 2022 with details on how to claim their prizes.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to reach me at cbacharakis AT gitlab DOT com.


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Congratulations to our outstanding Hackathon winners! :tada:

Thank you to everyone who contributed! :bowing_man: